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   A few facts about me; my name is Morgan, I am born and raised in Michigan, I'm a fur mama to two dogs, I travel every chance I can and photography is my absolute passion! Nature inspires me and I find florals absolutely fascinating. I'm located in Oakland County and work throughout the greater Metro Detroit area.​  I also frequently travel to Scottsdale, Arizona and absolutely adore working there.


   If I had to use two words to describe my photography style this would be it: authentic and timeless... and here is why. As a photographer my goal is to capture your authentic moments as yourself and with your loved ones. To create photos that make you feel something and take you right back to the moment it all happened. I strive for timeless so you are able to treasure your memories for years to come. So, in 20 years from now when you are going through the photos with your children and grandchildren they do not only see how you looked but they can feel your love and personalities all through the photographs.

Through photography I want tell stories and inspire people.

     I specialize in weddings and engagements, however, I also work with all stages and milestones of life: families, newborn, portraits! I'd love to be apart of it all and don't worry about nerves. I work diligently so I am able to direct each and every person. This way everyone is at ease in front of the camera and your natural personality can shine through. Any ideas you may have I would love to hear!